But perhaps the weirdest fine I have ever seen is one where a woman was fined $25 a day for hanging an American flag on her door.Now, hanging up an American flag on the porch in the USA is a fairly common practice and there are likely hundreds of thousands of homes that are adorned with the flag. Some people fly them in support of the military, while others simply like to show that they are proud of the country they live in.In fact, people don’t only fly flags to show their support as the America flag has almost become a brand of its own. The design adorns a number of different things such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, decorations and pretty much anything else you can think of.



So with all this support for the flag and such, you would never think that displaying the flag would ever be an issue, but for a woman in Davison, Michigan, it most definitely is. Doris Fladzinksi lives in some townhouses in the town and like thousands of others across the country wanted to be a little patriotic and add a small American flag ornament on her door.

Without thinking anything would happen as a result of this, she was shocked when she received a notice from the townhouse management board. The notice said that she was to remove the flag or face a $25 a day fine for every day it is left up.

The reasoning for this is that the board has a rule against displaying anything on the door, for fear of offensive things being put on there. So technically, she is not abiding by the rules of the contract she signed when she agreed to live in the townhouse.

But despite this rule, she feels that displaying the American flag is something that she is entitled to do. She feels that she shouldn’t be restricted from hanging up an American flag because certain people could potentially hang something offensive up.


And as you can imagine (as with seemingly everything these days), people are going back and forth on this. There are many who think the reasoning of the management board is stupid and that she should be ale to hang the flag if she so chooses. However, there are also individuals who believe that she signed a contract and must abide by the rules of said contract.

But in addition to those people arguing, there are also those offering suggestions for compromises or alternatives such as putting a flag in a flower pot or having one in her window. That seems like a fair compromise that would make both sides happy in this argument. What do you think is the correct way to fix this argument?