Team USA had the most medals and thus, a ton of great performances by its athletes. But of all the amazing performances, there were a few that made history. One of which was Matt Centrowitz winning the gold medal in the 1500 meter sprint.The reason this is such big news is because he was the first American in over 100 years to win the gold medal in that event.  A lot of Americans have raced the 1500, but none were able to do what he did. The feeling he must have been experiencing once he crossed the line could never be put into words, especially being the only American to do it in over a century. These Olympic athletes dedicate their lives to their craft and deserve to be recognized, so let’s take a closer look at Centrowitz and his history.From a young age, he was bred to be a successful runner. His father was a former Olympian and he was one of the best high school runners in the country. In 2011, he decided to turn professional and went on to win bronze and silver medals at the World Championships and narrowly missing a medal at the 2012 Olympic games. But in 2016, he finally got that medal. As mentioned, he was the first American to take home gold in the 1500 meter in a century. And being only 26, look for him to come back in four years and do his best to repeat this performance.


But despite all that immense success, everyone’s success and life story begin in their home town. And for Matt, that town is Beltsville, Maryland. And while he gets a lot of praise for his athletic prowess and Olympic win, something else that he did deserves a lot of attention too.

After his Olympic win, Centrowitz teamed up with his running sponsor, Nike, and did something amazing for the new mothers in his hometown community in Maryland. Together, they delivered 70 pairs of amazing infant sized running shoes for the new parents and their babies to enjoy.


The gifts were meant to inspire the parents to allow the children to chase and run after their dreams, no matter how big they may be. Because if Centrowitz’s parents hadn’t supported him in his goals and journey, who knows where he would be today.

This gift and message are sure to give the parents a great running start in raising their new child, and hopefully, they support their children in whatever they may want to do. You never know, the next Matt Centrowitz could have been among them.